Dernier PR

Some of the recent work done here at Dernier PR.


Tetra Pak #CartonSmart Campaign - Social Media Content Curation

Current - in conjunction with Zooom Productions, Inc. 

Tetra Pak, the innovative company behind smart carton packaging, celebrates small, smart choices that add up to make big differences. Follow the campaign on Twitter.


Bundaberg Ginger Beer - PR Outreach

Current - in conjunction with Zooom Productions, Inc. 

West Coast trade and consumer outreach including press releases and editorials.  


Y Water, consumer beverage brand for kids

June and July 2014 - in conjunction with Zooom Productions, Inc. 

Y Water is a locally made, healthy and environmentally friendly kids' beverage that is now available throughout Southern California Walgreens. Basically, it’s all the good stuff without the bad stuff in a fun eco-friendly package. Follow this link for a detailed product description, a downloadable press release and photos. 


Y Water 

Package Design: Y Water is carton smart in its appealing, innovative packaging made by Tetra Pak. The Tetra Classic® Aseptic carton is a triangular pyramid shape and is a no-waste industrial cutting die mold - the first industrial drink package design ever by Tetra Pak. It dates back to 1943 Sweden, when the development started. The iconic design is part of the MOMA NY design collection.


Eat the Ball, consumer food brand for kids

April 2014 - in conjunction with Zooom Productions, Inc. 

I promoted Eat the Ball food tasting events throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and West Texas. Targeted press: family & parenting. Results: higher attendance at product tasting events, brand awareness and sales.


Mary Elizabeth Bowden - Classical Trumpeter


International Album and tour campaign including PR outreach, radio promotion and social media development.


Rex Richardson - Jazz Trumpeter

October - December 2015

Album and tour campaign including PR outreach and radio promotion.


Andrew Ginsburg, Comedian

April 2014

I am currently promoting the new comedy album from Andrew Ginsburg, "Eat the Yolk." The album debuted at #10 on the iTunes Comedy Chart. In addition to radio, online, print and social media campaigns, I am providing Artist Development and tour booking. Andrew is a current client as of May 2014.


Erikka Innes, Comedian

January 2013 - current

Erikka Innes is an up-and-coming young comedian. We worked together on her recent comedy album, "Smells Like Nerd Spirit?" (which I was honored to title). I handled all PR including radio, reviews, and social media. In addition, I also provided Artist Development. As of May 2015, Erikka remains a client and we are working on her on next album.


International jazz artist, Kristin Korb

January 2013

I promoted Kristin Korb's album "What's Your Story?" I handled tour and radio promotion in addition to general PR. The album peaked at #15 on the Jazz Charts and garnered stellar reviews.



I promoted Korb's album "Finding Home" to jazz radio.


Anna Fermin, singer/songwriter

January 2012

While promoting Chicago songtress, Anna Fermin I handled album, tour and radio promotion in addition to general PR.


Faith and The Muse

January 2011

While promoting the album, Ankoku Butoh, from legendary goth artists Faith & the Muse, I handled tour & radio promotion in addition to general PR. Their shows were in high demand and the audiences were packed with their devoted fans.


2014 - in conjunction with Oddly Human

Director, Michael Apted's "Married in America" crowdfunding campaign.


2014 - in conjunction with Oddly Human

The Dalai Lama Foundation - The Living History Experience crowdfunding campaign.